The Race

The Race

The Reason

The Reason

Thanks to our Sponsors!!!!

Thanks to our Sponsors!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wheels4Life Presentation at Jantar das Massas

It was quite and honor to have the stage for a few moments to highlight the efforts of everyone who has put in an incredible about of time and money in to this project over the last few months.

Seven children from Ratones school in Florianopolis joined us on stage to receive their brand new Houston Bike. All of these children were selected by their teachers, not only for their necessity of the bikes, but also for earning good marks in school over the last year.

I had a chance to rap out with these little guys for a bit and it was great to see their enthusiasm for receiving the bikes. Despite the heavy rains that night all of them wanted to ride the bikes right away back to their house, so I know these bikes will get some good use out of them!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Race Recap

Wow. What a day!

Glory to God for giving me the desire and ability to compete in such an amazing event.

My plan race plan was to pace well enough to make sure I finished and did not have to suffer any injuries…Well, 11 hours and 48 minutes after the starting gun, Fernanda and I crossed the finish line.

Thanks to those of you who have supported this entire Ironman effort over the last 6 months.

From all of you who have hooked up the amazing swag, deals, discounts, and goodies…on bikes, shoes, gear, and everything else, to everyone who has passed along helpful training tips, coaching, advice, sports rehabilitation, and finally to everyone who shares in the vision to make this world a better place and have contributed to the Wheels 4 Life Project, I give you all my gratitude and appreciation.

I especially want to thank my sponsors who contributed to making this whole project possible. It was their commitment to improving social wellness and ultimately having a passion for triple bottom line business that made this dream a reality.

The collaboration of people all striving for positive progression in this world is probably the most valuable thing I have experienced in this entire process. Whether it be companies who share in the vision to run their business serving both people and planet, or all the amazing people in the triathlon community who delight in encouraging each other to overcome new heights and challenges, the truly inspiring take away is the beauty that occurs when we put the greater good ahead of ourselves in effort to make this world a better place!

We are all ready looking to sign up for another Ironman this year and would love to be able to continue the momentum from this project. Perhaps we continue to provide transportation to those in need with Wheels 4 Life, or perhaps there are other things we can do that promote positive progression. Either way, we will be sure to enjoy the journey along the way as we collaborate with all of you!

Scotty and Fe

Race Photos

the morning of

Willy and Scott - Willy is 80 years old and has done over 200 triathlons. This was his 20th Ironman! What a stud!

Getting on the Bike..and stopping for my special needs bag

lets go for a run? and a little reload!

a little bit motivation

and the grand finale!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bikes Arrived !!!!

Finally we get to the W4L project!

There have been tons of people all contributing to make this work and that has been a blessing to have everyone’s support. Ill thank everyone in a later update.

However, when there are so many people working together the amount of coordinating needed to make things happen can be overwhelming… so when we got the call from Milton at Della Bikes, in Florianopolis, that the 25 bikes from Houstons had arrived it, was a huge relief.

Milton donated the time of his staff to set up each bike. When we arrived, there were 4 people working on getting bikes together and Fe and I jumped in to help as well. It takes about 1 hour to set up each bike so big thanks to Milton and his staff for the help.

We had already organized for 2 of the recipients from the newspaper (Jornal e Diferente) to receive their bikes that afternoon so Fe, Alberto, and myself packed 2 bikes in the car and headed out to make the deliveries.

Our first stop was to Biguacu, Santa Catarina, to the house of Flavio De Souza. Flavio was one of two people who were nominated from the newspaper by people in the community to receive this bike. He lives up in the hillside of a small town and will use this bike to get to his work. He works down in the local lumber yard cutting wood for residential use.

Next stop was to Palhoca, Santa Catarina, to the house of Maureci Pereira. Maureci is 63 years old and works as a brick layer. His specialty is carrying the huge bricks and rocks to and from job sites. He does more manual labor in one week than most of us do our whole lives. He plans to ride this bike the 35 mile round trip to and from work each day. His old bike was so rusted over that the wheels stopped spinning. He was so stoked to get his shiny new bike that he invited us over for lunch any weekend day we wanted.

These little guys were playing soccer in the street out in front of their school right near Maureci's house. They were stoked just to have us take their picture. I think it made them feel famous! I hope he lets them borrow the bike from time to time.

Troy Wenger, Injury Correction Extraordinare

Since football I have been working pretty regularly to get my shoulder in working order; surgery, rehab, rest, weight training, yoga, pilates, cortisone, different rehab, prolo-therapy…..

After trying just about every method of treatment available I was introduced to Troy Wenger, who has done an incredible job helping my shoulder move again. There is no doubt about it, Troy is an answer to prayer!

Over the past couple years I have flirted with the idea of triathlon as I heard so many people, including former athletes, really enjoying the competition and camaraderie that surrounds the sport. But as you can see from these photos I knew my shoulder would never let me swim.

But then about after about a year of working with Troy things started to loosen up and I gave swimming a shot. Slowly but surely the mobility started to come back and I learned how to swim. At first I used swimming as a tool for rehab and then slowly debated whether I could sustain swimming long enough to actually compete in a triathlon.

Keep in mind that from all my experience surfing I knew how not to drown, but I never actually knew how to swim…and had never swam more than fifty meters without stopping in my entire life. So learning the intricate techniques to swimming has been challenging and fulfilling adventure.

Thanks Troy for taking as much interest in getting me well as I do. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would never have even conceived the idea of triathlon, let alone Ironman, if Troy had not been working on me the last 2 ½ years.

Things still are not perfect but they are much better!

So Many Fruits!

Seriously, you gotta love going supermarkets in countries with tropical climates where the varieties of fruit out number the cars on the road! We picked up a bit of everything including; passion fruit, bananas, acai, acerola, and frozen cashew fruit.

Try this one next time you get your hands on some cashew fruit (same tree as the nut but not the nut, the fruit)

Uma Delicia

4 oz coconut water

4 oz frozen cashew fruit

2 scoops of Manitoba Harvest Pro 70